Drive (MG 48,000 words completed).  Alan Driscoll desperately wants to make it to the NBA. But, first, he has to make his middle-school team—and he’s not even sure he can do that. Word has it that Coach Nelson only picks kids who went to his summer camp (too expensive) or winners of the Wreck Tournament—the student-run league that plays before the official start of the season. Yet the Blue Dogs (led by the intimidating bully Bowser) have been the reigning champs for years, and Driscoll’s team, the Marshmallows, are a little…soft.  It doesn’t help that Driscoll’s best friend and teammate, Artie, has the size of a superstar, but the talent of a tuba player. So when Driscoll suddenly gets the chance to play for the Blue Dogs, he can’t believe his luck, but it’s not easy playing with Bowser—and now Artie is mad at him, too  Plus, Driscoll has to balance his responsibilities at home, like watching his little sister, Ellie, while his mom is at work. Will he be able to make the right moves, both on—and off—the court? How far will he go to achieve his dreams?

Duncan and the Case of the Killer Cake (MG 215 pp./ 57,000 words completed) introduces Duncan Woods is a fat kid who wears a girdle to avoid being teased and who just wants to stay off the middle school radar; however, his life is about to resemble the thrillers he loves.  The story begins when Duncan’s estranged father claims to be a spy and cautions Duncan to “watch what you eat, those sweets will kill you.” Duncan believes it’s a joke until someone poisons his birthday cake. Fortunately, Duncan survives, but only because he has surrendered the cake to Morty, the school bully. Unfortunately, Morty doesn’t die, so now Duncan must go on an action-packed adventure to discover who tried to kill him and why, before Morty can finish the job. Along the way, Duncan will fight with everything from a fork to a flamethrower to save himself and to rescue the people he loves.

Slam Duncan and the Blintz of Darkness (MG 213 pp./ 56,000 words completed) Duncan Woods sticks his neck out to help a loser only to find his own neck on the middle school chopping block.  But if Duncan can’t survive middle school, how will he ever stop “The Blintz of Darkness” from executing his diabolical plan?

Emerson and the Fluffernutters (chapter book 33 pp./ 8500 words completed) When nine-year-old Emerson tries to get even with her older sister by pretending to be lost in the forest, she soon discovers that she’s in real trouble and that only the Fluffernutters, a family of talking rabbits, can save her.

“You’re Grounded” (screenplay completed)–  Three miserable children who have never agreed on anything ground their high-flying parents in order to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.  (A family comedy–a cross between Home Alone and 9 to 5.)

Gordy Gherkins and the Case of the Secret Ballot (CB 24 pp./ 5300 words completed)–  When Mrs. Pitts, the meanest teacher at Greenbriar Elementary School, wins the teacher of the year award, it’s up to Gordy Gherkins to prove that the election was rigged.