Learning to Play the GuitarTeaching:

Larry Fogel-Bublick is a novelist represented by Rachel Orr of the Prospect Agency.  His current work-in-progress: Drive, a middle grade novel, is currently on submission with editors.  He is a certified English teacher and reading specialist, who has taught in Montgomery County, Maryland, for the past twenty-three years. He will use his experiences as an author and teacher to help you avoid the pitfalls that he has encountered on his journey.

Larry earned his B.A. in English at the University of Michigan, where he won two Hopwood Awards. Subsequently, he earned his Masters in Reading from the Curry School of Education in Charlottesville, Virginia.


When I was in sixth grade, I won $100 in a poetry contest sponsored by Gwendolyn Brooks. Ever since I was convinced I would make my fortune by writing. Thirty years later I’m still pursuing that dream.


When I was in eighth grade, I wanted to learn karate and play guitar. I was too scared of the karate instructor and I quit guitar after two lessons. This year I have finally started to play, and I’ve gotten good enough that my wife and children don’t need to wear earplugs around the house. Next year I’m going to learn to punch through a concrete block.

Worst Vacation:

Barf Harbor, Maine (No, that isn’t a typo.) Suffice it to say, we didn’t see any whales though most of the passengers did go belly up. If you would like all the details, read “Barf Harbor” on my blog for the whole story.


Highland Park, Illinois. Hey, we all have to be from somewhere.


As a child, I often failed to stand up for myself. When I did get in fights, I lost. During the last debacle in the middle of math, I got punched in the mouth and my cheek snagged on my braces. It still hurts.